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2015年1月1日          2015,望否极泰来

       ChinaPacers.com的球迷聚会11日在厦门举行,也算是告别了跌宕起伏的2014。这一年发生太多事,为了冲冠搏上一切,球队也在最高点重重地摔了下来,暑假始料不及地碰上Paul George的骨折,开季排山倒海的伤病,唯一不变的,Pacers还是带着有血性的防守在挣扎求存。

凡事都有两面。纵使成绩只能遥望东岸第八,但总有些事让你泪流满面。球迷排出的“13”号合照,再次登上了球会官方网站。我们希望这些正能量,能够传达到给Pacers和印城的球迷,也希望Paul George可以“否极意味着泰来,浴火注定要重生”。


Fans in China Encourage Pacers to Power Up in 2015

By Holick Lee,

People might find it hard to believe that there are Pacers fans in China, but they would be surprised to learn that a group of diehard Pacers fans recently came together for their annual fan gathering. It was another strong showing from the Pacers' Chinese fanbase despite the team's 12-21 record. This gathering is organized by, a website that has been covering every Pacers game since 2000.

On the first day of 2015, over 30 Chinese Pacers fans flew all over the place from China and even Singapore to Xiamen to send a message to the Pacers franchise:

Power Up in 2015 with Real Indiana Pacers Basketball

Fans in China have been through the ups-and-downs with the Pacers for over a decade. They still remember how the Pacers competed with just seven players right after the 2004 brawl in Detroit, and witnessed how the Pacers were rebuilt into a championship contender after missing the playoffs for consecutive years.

Injuries have been heartbreaking this season, but it is most encouraging to see the Pacers playing smash-mouth basketball. That’s when the Pacers could have a chance to beat anybody, and they have proved it with strong performances from bench players in recent months. The fact that the Pacers lead the league in rebounding and second chance points, shows the heart of the team.

Fans in China hope the Pacers will continue to play with a fighting spirit, dominate defensively, and own the boards in 2015 to put themselves in a position to win in every game.

“The worst has happened. The best is next.”

There are two sides to everything. Paul George’s injury was tragic, but his fighting spirit to come back even better, has inspired a lot of younger basketball fans in China.

Paul George was the most Googled NBA player last year, and it was the same case in China. Every time Paul George posts an updated training video on social media, fans here will cheer for him and pray for him. The Pacers have never had such strong fan support in China since the Reggie Miller era.

In this gathering, fans in China lined up a No. 13 to show their encouragement to Paul George for a full recovery in 2015.

The 2014-2015 season might be tough, but fans in China will support the team just as ardently as they had in the past. While we can't fill the seats at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, we hope the fans in Indy will remember about fans in China who gathered 4:00 a.m. in a hotel room to watch the Pacers-Heat game, many of them wearing Danny Granger's No. 33 jersey, just as you did in Indy.

The worst has happened. The best is next.


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